The Church was established as Central Hall Undemoninational Free Church on the 19th August 1905, by Harriet Peck. The land having been purchased by Fredrick Clark on the 20th July 1900 and then sold in 1905.

On the 11th July 1938 the Church was purchased, with monies provided by members of the Church, by Harry Crisp, William Comber and Percy Lyes as joint tenants.

On 23rd December 1971 the Church was transferred to a Trust, the Trustees being Robert Blackwell, David Tourle, Allan Turbard and Horace Remington.

The current Trustees are Alan Churchill, Luke Johnson, Maureen Parish and Andrew Churchill.

The Trust deed set our the  Doctrines of the Church, which are set out on the website.

The Trust deed also set out the Practices of the Church, being believers baptism on personal confession of faith and the commemoration of the Lord's Supper, open to all believers, each month. Worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Gospel work, Children and Young People's service and Woman's meetings.

These statements remain valid today and form the foundation of the current Church.

We acknowledge the faithfulness of those who have stood in the gap before us and for the inheritance of the Church building.