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About Us

Spiritual Welfare

The welfare of the fellowship is something we take very seriously. The following points outline principles and values for a healthy fellowship protecting the Congregation, Leaders and Pastors from Spiritual Abuse:

  • God loves a cheerful giver. We do not pressure people to give or to sow, however we do encourage tithing and there is a great blessing in sowing both financially and with your time.
  • Only God can truly transform a person’s life, God deals with the heart of man. He alone can bring about regeneration. We do not control or manipulate others one of roles of the Holy Spirit is to sanctify believers.
  • To meet on a regular basis is encouraged, this is hugely beneficial to believer’s personal growth and spiritual wellbeing. Attendance, however is not an additional conditional requirement to salvation. An individual is saved through faith alone in Jesus Christ.
  • A body made of many parts, is a healthy church. We are all individuals that God has called, gifted and joined together as His Body. We do not mould and condition people to look like us. Our desire is rather for Christ to be formed in us collectively and individually.


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